Portfolio Management

Portfolio – a collection of products, services, or brands that are offered for sale to a customer in order to achieve diversification and balance.
Product Portfolio Matrix

    Build Current State

  • Detailed business analysis & Competitive landscape analysis
    Define Future State To Ensure Long Range Profits

  • Correct product mix to match company strategy
  • Possible growth platforms to launch new offerings.
  • Determine how the financial and corporate strategy will link in with the Portfolio Strategy

  • Develop detailed plans and implement
    Sample analysis steps in defining portfolio strategy
  1. Map revenues, customers, and gross margin to market segments
  2. Conduct detailed ABC analysis of revenue generation activities
  3. Determine cost to serve models “prune” unprofitable customers or move them into a different line segment
  4. Interview key customers and management personnel
  5. Assessment of Industry attractiveness
  6. Economic analysis
  7. Barriers to entry
  8. Competitors

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