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January 29, 2011

Process Model Definitions Part 3 of a 3 part series

  1. Part 1 Defines a Business Process Model
  2. Part 2 Provide Process Definitions
  3. Part 3 Walk through of a Complete Process with Down Loadable Examples

As mentioned in the previous posts, this is the final series in process model definitions; this post will tie the three part series together and provide examples you can download.

A completed process should contain:

  • A goal “milestone(s)”
  • Process flow, some type of ordered steps
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Roles/owners “see previous post on RACI”, Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform.”
  • Metrics
  • Referenced documents or tools

In addition you should develop the process so it is easy to understand for any user and contain institutional knowledge specific to your company. The nomenclature you use in your process is important also. These examples represent a small sampling of the nomenclature available to model processes; try and use a set that is tailored to your company needs or one that may be specified by your company.

These process samples are examples only; there would be many additional steps with more detail and flow than what is presented here (this is just set up to show how a process flow may look.)

The first document is the process flow itself. The image below shows an example of cycle counting equipment. You can download this Visio sample here “Process Visio Example.”

Process Example

The second document to consider is the process matrix. The matrix contains information at the task level and defines:

  • Task Step
  • Task Description
  • Timing
  • SOP
  • Input
  • Output
  • Software “if used”
  • Misc. Notes

Again, this document was generated in Visio and the file can be downloaded here “Process Visio Matrix Example.”

Process Matrix Example

As mentioned in a previous post, the RACI diagram is useful in identifying roles within your process. An example of the RACI diagram can be downloaded here “RACI Excel Example.”

Building off this process example, an SOP can also be developed. An example of a write-up can be downloaded here “Write-Up Word Example.”

And finally, when you roll out a new process it must be agreed upon by the major process shareholders. This document should briefly describe the process, present a way to measure the effectiveness of the process through metrics, and present some type of sign-off document. An example of a sign-off document can be downloaded here “Sign-Off Document Power Point Example.”

If you have additional thoughts on this subject or would like to share your examples please let me know.



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